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In recent years, with the progress of drive and control technology, the home appliance industry ushered in the spring of development, energy saving, environmental protection, intelligent become a new development trend. With the emergence of energy efficiency standards for high-power household appliances such as air conditioners, fume hoods and refrigerators, the field of household appliances will face a new round of energy efficiency reform. In addition, with the deepening of national advocacy for energy conservation and emission reduction, the field of industrial control also puts forward higher and higher requirements for motor energy efficiency. The original intention and belief of infill is to promote the energy efficiency of household and industrial control fields with the original motor drive control technology, and bring the ultimate experience for people's life.

Based on the deep cultivation of DC BLDC drive technology, with the joint efforts of domestic and foreign experts in chip design, motor design and motor drive architecture, infill has overcome the technical problems of hall free and hall insensitive DC BLDC drive technology, and has launched the first generation of BLDC drive control series chip covering three-phase and single-phase, which uses infill's original control calculation internally French engine keeps the motor running efficiently. Focusing on the research of high-performance motor drive control, infill launched a series of HVIC and MOSFET products in 2013 that can help reduce system loss, reduce system heat generation and improve system efficiency, so as to optimize the performance of infill's overall motor control solution. With the increasing requirements of energy efficiency and noise in the application field, FOC drive control, which has excellent performance in both aspects, has become the research difficulty and focus in the field of motor control. With the in-depth grasp of FOC control algorithm, a "dual core" motor drive MCU series chip integrated with high-speed motor control engine and 51 core is launched, and it is used in specific applications with benchmark enterprises in the field of home appliances Debugging and optimization. At the application level, compared with the traditional control, the original FOC precise control algorithm reduces noise by 50% and improves energy efficiency by 30%.

With the original intention of bringing people a better experience with original technology, infill has always been focusing on the field of high-performance motor drive control, and has made unremitting efforts. It is the only company in China (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) that has the ability of high-performance motor design, high-performance motor drive architecture, power semiconductor and integrated electronic circuit R & D and design at the same time Division. In the future, under the guidance of the experts of the "national thousand talents plan" and the efforts of the passionate technical team, infill will continue to solve the technical problems in the field of high-performance motor drive control, and provide more perfect control chips and solutions for the field of home and industrial control.


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