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"Design of permanent magnet DC motor" training lecture went on smoothly

In order to strengthen the professional knowledge and ability of the R & D personnel, further improve the work efficiency, to adapt to the development of today's motor technology, so that the overall ability of the staff to maintain a long-term dynamic advantage. Infill electronics held a training lecture on the design of permanent magnet DC motor on March 26, 2019. Professor Huang Daxu, former director of the Institute, gave a lecture. All staff of R & D department, purchasing and sales department.

Through this training, the professional skills of the trainees have been trained and improved. In the first lecture, Professor Huang mainly introduced: the characteristics, application, classification and working principle of micro permanent magnet DC motor; magnetic circuit design of permanent magnet DC motor; parts design of permanent magnet DC motor; electromagnetic design of micro permanent magnet DC motor, etc. In the second lecture, the design and calculation basis of permanent magnet DC motor magnetic circuit is described in detail. Including: the equivalent magnetic circuit of permanent magnet DC motor; permanent magnet structure type and the principle of determining the size of permanent magnet, design points, commonly used formula, etc.

During the training, Professor Huang explained the combination of theory and practice, and the employees participating in the training actively raised questions for interactive communication. Professional and technical training is a valuable investment of enterprises. It not only improves the efficiency and value of increasing the output of enterprises, but also enhances the overall quality and ability of employees, so that the majority of employees benefit. In the next period of time, the company will continue to provide training for different positions, learn and grow together, and move forward to a new level with the company.


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